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Finding the balance you need

about the training

This training draws on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga & Buddhist philosophy, yoga anatomy, and your intuition for a one-of-a-kind transformative journey. In this training, you will learn the exercise theory of Yin yoga, the twelve regular Meridians, an introduction to the eight extraordinary Meridians, the flow of Qi (or energy), up to 25 most vital acupressure points to release tension, increase flexibility, and soothe body pains. Moreover, we will apply knowledge from Western anatomy and recent research on fascia, to compile an approachable method to bring health and wellness to our body.

A big part of Yin practice is self-inquiry: our deep desire to get to the roots of our own suffering. Let it be sadness, attachments, desires, anger, and worries. You will practice meditation daily and learn different techniques such as sound healing and Qi Gong to find tranquility in the mind.

A great Yin teacher is one who can hold space for the others. The ability to guide students using minimal words or through fascinating storytelling, a skilled Yin teacher is a guide to somebody’s inner exploration. You’ll discover in this training, how to tap into your students’ emotions and take them on a journey that might just change them, forever.

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How seemingly opposite forces may actually be complimentary in the natural world. If stars can’t shine without darkness, we can’t reap the true benefits of Yang (Vinyasa) yoga without its Yin counterpart and vice versa.

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yoga alliance accredited. 

This is a Yoga Alliance accredited training program. Also, all training hours can be applied towards Continued Education Units (CEU). 

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Latest Testimonials- 2019

Annie Au Yin yoga and Chinese meridians 2019

Faisal Ahmed- Kuwait

Annie is an amazing human and teacher. I loved how she Created a very friendly environment. I really enjoyed her teaching on how to set up and sequence a yin session and the TCM teachings. I highly recommend joining her courses. Osu !!

Annie au Yin yoga Chinese meridians 2019

Crystal Pak - Canada

I highly recommend taking Annie’s 100 hour yin teacher training - she beautifully breaks downs yin postures, and goes in depth into anatomy and Traditional Chinese meridians which comes from her heart and passion. Annie is a charismatic teacher and creates a space where anyone can grow and learn, and she leaves you with the tools to deepen your spirituality journey!

Annie Au Yoga teacher Training 2019 Sri Lanka

Jasmine minhas - Canada

I can not say enough good things about Annie Au’s 100 hour Yin YTT. Throughout the training she has been an endless goldmine of information. Whether you are interested in anatomy, yin yoga, yoga philosophy or traditional Chinese medicine- you will leave with much deeper knowledge and skills. Learning about Chinese meridians and the associated emotional imbalances was fascinating. As a facilitator, I was amazed at Annie’s ability to hold so much space. She truly has the ability to to connect on a personal level with all of her students, and empower them. She has a very grounding presence. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to take home methods for self healing through yoga, including what you can work on for more balance in your life.

Annie Au Yin yoga Chinese meridians 2019

Laura Andresen - Germany

If you are looking for a supportive teacher on your (spiritual) path, I would advise you to connect with Annie! She is a really inspiring person, that is both down to earth, but also so much fun. Annie has so much knowledge about thousands of things, especially about the traditional Chinese medicine, that she would love to share with you - a lovely spiritual gangster.

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018-2019

Allannah Rodrigues - Australia

Its not often ( unfortunately ) that you get to hangout with someone who really practices what they preach. Annie is teacher and practitioner of both Buddhist teachings and Karma and being around her joyful and happy sprit was infectious. We all leave Sayulita kinder and more open-hearted.

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Stephanie Fell - USA

This was my first yoga teacher training, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect gong in but this course exceeded any expectation that I had. I feel that my time and money was well spent and I was left with so much information, knowledge and practical skills to take home with me.

Furthermore I felt that the days were well spaced out with sufficient break times in between both the practices and lectures. I understand the time constraints of this course and that there is only time for an overview / introduction to TCM, acupressure, qi gong, the meridians, Etc but I appreciate what we were able to cover and I am definitely interested in perusing more knowledge, classes and workshops opportunities in these areas in the future ( Yin yoga teacher training Part 2 ? )

Overall I had a fantastic experience. Thank you !

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training testimonials 2018

Alice Zarka- USA

My yin yoga training with Annie was nothing short of spectacular. I completed her 50hr program in Sri Lanka as part of my 300hr ytt and she totally make me fall in love with the practice of yin. Annie is a naturally gifted teacher and the way she presented the vast amount of knowledge she has on the subject made me eager to learn, excited to get on my, and empowered to share with others. Plus she is so sweet, kind, and understanding in the learning process. I would trust Annie with any training she decides to teach and I highly recommend learning from her if you get the chance!

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018 2019

Olga Gonzalez- USA

I have taken the 50hr TT with Annie this past month (Jan-Feb/2018) in Sri Lanka, and I can't be more grateful for that. A yoga teacher, for me, is more than a person who teaches you asanas or techniques, a yoga teacher is a person who transmits experiences, thoughts, vibrations... and life. Annie is a devoted teacher with tons of knowledge to share and help you grow as a practitioner on and off the mat. Thanks to this, I feel so prepared to be a teacher now! I definitely recommend taking classes and trainings with her. Life changing!