200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training


NOV 3-25, 2017

Fully booked

Please join us for the May 2018 Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

The Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic approach of understanding the polarities of Yin and Yang Yoga. Divided into two sections, the first session will be led by Mathieu Boldron from Paris. He'll take you onto the Path of Perfection, imparting to you the skills of becoming a confident yoga teacher and practitioner. The second part of the course we will explore the fundamentals of Yin Yoga and its underlying Eastern philosophy. 



This course is ideal for you if you express deep interest in deepening your personal practice and/or are interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Min 6 months- 1yr of yoga experience is recommended. Any physical conditions including injuries, medical health concerns and pregnancy should consult a doctor and get approval prior to registration.


Annie Au Yoga Alliance

This training is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Upon completion, you'll receive a 200hr (YA) certification in the style of Yin & Yang Yoga. This certification allows you to teach anywhere in the world. You can choose to take the Yin & Yang parts separately or together. 

Part 1: Yang Yoga & The Path of Perfection 

Date: Nov 03-14, 2017

Led by Mathieu Boldron & Annie Au

In Part 1 The Path of Perfection training, be prepared to change your perspective and flourish with a complete new-you! This program is based in Vinyasa yoga, Dharma yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. You'll build a firm foundation, refine your skills, expand into your growth and express your light and creativity freely. Starting with proper alignments, you'll explore in-depths each classical yoga postures, its Sanskrit name, breath, contraindications, modifications and variations. Learn to prepare the body for inversions, arm balances, backbends and other challenging postures in a structured & safe way. Grow your physical & spiritual practice with experienced instructors and like-minded peers. In our hands-on training with practical guide, you'll become comfortable teaching, adjusting verbally and physically as well as exemplifying effective demos. Here you'll also learn how to cleverly sequence for personal practice and teaching classes. We will give you the tools to get confident as a teacher and develop your own unique teaching voice. You will learn to help anybody modify and/or get into a posture. As you deepen your knowledge in asana, you'll also steadily grow a pranayama, meditation and chanting practice!

Mathieu Boldron Yang Yoga Teacher Training

Mathieu Boldron RYT 500 

Mathieu Boldron Yoga

Mathieu is an international yoga teacher and avid yoga practitioner. He is a gifted teacher with an incredible soul to spread the love of yoga. His affectionate energy propels a student to advance their own practices and be receptive to learning. Mathieu is known for his precise verbal cues, alignment and adjustments. Mathieu teaches the fundamentals of yoga in the most easy to understand and applicable way. He is most advanced in Vinyasa, Dharma, Ashtanga and Acro Yoga. Also be prepared to get serenaded by his incredible voice during kirtan! To get to know Mathieu more, visit www.mathieuboldron.com


Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Word Smith has been practicing the esoteric/healing arts for twenty years. During this time he has delved deeply into Massage, Yoga, Qi gong, Chinese Medicine, Buddhist philosophy and Internal Martial Arts. He holds a Doctorate in Medical Qi Gong, and 500 hrs of Yoga Teacher Training in Dharma Yoga, Bachelor’s in Philosophy, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, certifications in 5 body work styles. His teachers include Paul Pitchford, Michael Tierra, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Geshe Michael Roach and Sri Dharma Mittra.

He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona translating Chinese and Tibetan and travels the world teaching Yoga, Dharma and Qi Gong.

Part 2: Yin Yoga & Eastern Philosophy

Date: Nov 15-25, 2017

Led by Annie Au

In Part 2 Yin Yoga Eastern Training, we will explore in length Yin Yoga, its practice and philosophy through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In our integrative curriculum, you'll study in details the esoteric Daoist structure, theories and practical applications of ancient Chinese energetic medicine. We will also cover extensively in Western anatomy, offering you the insight on how the differences in our bodies affect our practice in any yoga style. By the end of the course, you'll have the ability to customize a Yin Yoga class to everybody and elevate your personal practice to the next level!

Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training


Tuition includes accommodation, all vegetarian meals, training manual & Yoga Alliance certificate.

Private Room: $3750 (Early bird) $4250 (Regular)

Double Shared Room: $2950 (Early bird) $3450 (Regular)

Receive $500 off the regular price when sign up before August 31, 2017!



Tuition includes accommodation, all vegetarian meals, training manual.

** Upon completion, you'll receive a 100hr specific certification. Afterwards, you'll need to complete the other yin or yang hours to obtain the full 200hr Yoga Alliance certificate.

Private Room: $1875(Early bird) $2175 (Regular)

Double Shared Room: $1475 (Early bird) $1775 (Regular)

Receive $300 off the regular price when sign up before August 31, 2017!


Sonia Dhatt, USA

Sonia Dhatt, USA

I really enjoyed Annie's teaching style. She is both knowledgeable and humble. My expectations were definitely met. I'm ready to deepen my practice. One of the highlights from the training was doing Qigong with Word on the beach. I would recommend this training to my friends and yoga teachers back home.

Sophie Taschner- Baldwin, United Kingdom

Sophie Taschner- Baldwin, United Kingdom



I had such an incredible experience on this yoga teacher training. It was incredible and some of the things I experienced were so unexpected. The physical release in the postures was amazing but I didn't expect my emotional side to rise to the surface and deepen my spiritual understanding either. Thank you so much Annie and Word, 

Rosalie Hochstetter, Germany

Rosalie Hochstetter, Germany

I absolutely loved this training. I have been looking for a training that combines yin with the Chinese meridians system for awhile and couldn't be happier with the training Annie and Word created. Their knowledge really impressed me and both have so much to share and offer. I highly recommend this training. Word has so much knowledge to share and Annie is great at teaching her students with such an empathetic and fun approach. I'm so grateful for this experience.

Mia Sarno, USA

Mia Sarno, USA

My teacher training experience was as gorgeous as the pamphlet. This Sayulita 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training was a perfect blend of relaxation and education. I highly recommend it if you are looking to deepen your physical practice and learn how to integrate Chinese philosophy and healing into your life. 

Paulina Grochala, USA

Paulina Grochala, USA

Annie and Word created an amazing course blending together yin yoga and Chinese Qi Gong. If you're interested in taking your yin to the next level- seriously, especially with Word's incorporation of Qi Gong, meridians, and vast knowledge- don't hesitate! Annie is a kind and patient teacher in both yoga practice and theory. I loved the time I got to spend with them in Mexico. 

Charlotte Wellfare, United Kingdom

Charlotte Wellfare, United Kingdom

I liked the in-depth anatomy content the most and the training 100% met my expectations! I would also 100% recommend this teacher training to others. Shanti.