200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

What is Yin and Yang Yoga?

Yin Yoga embodies the yin yang philosophy from China and classic Hatha yoga postures from India. It has multiple layers which benefit both the physical and energetic body. While both layers serve the body and mind, the ultimate goal of yin yoga is to facilitate a steady meditation practice. On an energetic level, yin yoga requires you to stay still in the mind. With consistent practice, you’ll increase your concentration level and ultimately find a sense of peace from within.

Yang yoga is the opposite of Yin yoga, in which its style is more dynamic and physically demanding. Here, our yang yoga teacher training is based in Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Dharma, and Rocket yoga styles. The benefits of yang yoga includes increase in cardiovascular capacity, strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Do I need to want to become a yoga teacher to come to a teacher training?

There are many reasons to go on a yoga teacher training. Often people think that they must want to teach yoga in order to join a training. However, that is not always the case. If yoga has changed your life and you wish to deepen your knowledge in it, there is no better way than to take a yoga teacher training. Teaching yoga will become natural should you wish to take on that endeavour after completion. Most of our students find that sharing their passion in yoga with the others gives them an immense amount of fulfilment. They usually go on teaching yoga classes in their communities, and then evolve to leading their own yoga retreats and training. 


We have set our ultimate goal to help you seek peace and contentment through yoga. Whether it be teaching or deepening your self-practice, we strive to create a positive environment for you to learn, grow, and share. Our experienced and passionate yoga trainers will guide you in learning authentic yoga philosophy, practice, and teaching methodology. We believe in first finding tranquility from within and from a place of stability and strength, you can then soar high and pursue your spiritual path.


Since yoga has helped us attain equanimity, we believe the world needs more yoga practitioners and teachers. Our lineage lies in Bhakti (devotion), Jnana (knowledge), Raja (meditation), Hatha (physical practice), and Karma (selfless service) yoga. Our vision is to create a yoga community nourishing high quality yoga teachers to embody the teachings of yoga from their mats to the world.

Course Overview: Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In this training, you'll learn the basics of Chinese medicine and the meridian system. Discover the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how it can apply to the practice of yin yoga. Also, we'll explore yoga anatomy focusing on myofascial composition, function, and release techniques. Of course, you'll learn about the practice of yin yoga, how to teach to all levels, and customize a personal practice for yourself and your students. Daily Qi Gong, yin classes, theory, practice teaching, and meditation apply. 

Upcoming dates: May 06-17Aug 05-16, Aug 17-28, 2018

Qi Gong, Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Qi Gong is a subtle practice from ancient China. Qi (or Chi) refers to the life force or vital energy. Gong means skill which is cultivated through steady practice. Qi Gong taps into our subtle energetic body. It helps circulate, cultivate, store, and distribute vital energy depending on our needs. There are set Qi Gong sequences that we can do to gradually heighten our sensitivity. Qigong is suitable for all levels and ages. People do Qigong to maintain health, calm their minds, heal their bodies, and reconnect with their spirit.   

While Qi Gong is from China and Yoga is from India, the two systems actually compliment each other seamlessly. Both are practices that we do to increase vitality; both are healing arts that help propel us towards the goal of Self-Realization.  

In this training, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Chinese medicine including Five Elements, Three Treasures, Chinese meridians system, healing sounds & colors, yin organs and their associated emotions. As well, we will show you how to infuse the elements of Qi Gong into any yin yoga sequences.

This course is for practitioners and teachers who want to take their knowledge to a more subtle level. You'll learn the skills to alleviate body pain and emotional distress, increase flexibility, and strengthen deep muscle tissues. This is a hands-on training suitable for those who express deep interest in energy work, healing arts, and self-improvement. There will be partner work, self-reflection, deep breath work, and meditation. Daily Qi Gong, yin classes, theory, self-practice, practice teaching, and meditation apply.

This training is led by Dr.Word Smith who has attained his doctorate in medical Qi Gong. 

Upcoming dates: Aug 16-28, 2018

Vinyasa (Yang) Yoga Teacher Training

Ancient Chinese philosophers were intrigued in the relationships and patterns that occurred in nature. Rather than studying isolated things, they viewed the universe as a harmonious and holistic entity. One of their observations was the basic natural components of Yin and Yang. Yin represents softness and stillness, and Yang represents dynamism and movement. As part of Mother Nature, we need both Yin and Yang components to create harmony in our body, mind, and spirit. For many yoga practitioners, practicing too much Yin or Yang (Vinyasa) yoga would cause imbalances in their emotional and physical health. 

We find it essential to incorporate both Yin and Yang yoga in your practice. Our 100hr Vinyasa (Yang) Yoga teacher training integrates authentic yogic knowledge including yoga history, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, teaching methodology, postural workshop, sequencing, practice teaching, and more. Upon completion, you'll gain the skills to teach Vinyasa yoga with great confidence.

Upcoming dates: May 17-29, 2018

Hella Lund, Norway

Hella Lund, Norway

I loved the group's energy and the very organized set up everyday! Yes, my expectations were met and the training was very professional. Some of the highlights included teaching one on one on the last day and the traditional Chinese medicine sessions. I enjoyed the friends I made and absolutely fell in love with Mexico. I feel absolutely confident to teach. Thank you!

Alejandra Lopez, Mexico

Alejandra Lopez, Mexico

I very much enjoyed the combination of yin yoga, and Chinese meridians content in the course. The way and timing of the topics we covered were thorough, precise and handed out in a way which we could all digest easily. Annie's personality is amazing, very relatable and always caring.

Casey Hearne, El Salvador

Casey Hearne, El Salvador

I enjoyed learning the Chinese meridians- the additional Qi Gong in the morning was an added bonus. I will recommend this training to the others.

Crystal Istre, USA

Crystal Istre, USA

The location was amazing. Annie is a fantastic teacher and such a fountain of knowledge.

Hedvig Ottenhall, Sweden

Hedvig Ottenhall, Sweden

I enjoyed the combination of Chinese medicine and yin yoga! It was a great combo. The highlight for me was practicing sound healing and doing Qi Gong. I would recommend this training to the others.