Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Teacher Training

Yin yoga embodies the Yin Yang philosophy from China and classic Hatha yoga postures from India. It has multiple layers which benefit both the physical and energetic body. While both layers serve the body and mind, the ultimate goal of yin yoga is to facilitate a steady meditation practice. 

Our Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Teacher Training is grounded in a model of holistic learning. Through holistic learning methods, our training course will elevate your practice by bringing you the pure knowledge from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga System. Our program gives you the fundamentals of how the Chinese Meridians align with the classical Hatha yoga and Yin yoga postures. During the training you will expand your existing views and limits- to grow into an inspirational person with confidence and skills. From our training, you will experience blissful contentment while attaining physical vitality. 


Upcoming training: May 06-17


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How seemingly opposite forces may actually be complimentary in the natural world. If stars can’t shine without darkness, we can’t reap the true benefits of Yang (Vinyasa) yoga without its Yin counterpart and vice versa.

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we are yoga alliance accredited. 

We offer 100hr & 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited training programs. Also, our training hours can be applied towards Continued Education Units (CEU). 

Latest Testimonials- November 2017

Annie Au Yoga teacher training Mexico Testimonials

Irene lembessis- Canada

The Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training exceeded my expectations. I have learned a lot about myself. I have challenged myself and will continue to plant good seeds. I am so grateful for the experiences and for the knowledge I have received and for the teachers I have had. Thank you!

Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Kate Smith- Ireland 

The Yin Yang Yoga training is a truly wonderful experience. The Yang  (Vinyasa) yoga allows your physical practice to transform. The Yin yoga allows the attention to be brought in words and helps you to notice everything that you have been holding onto. Annie is an insightful teacher with so much knowledge that help you to develop and learn as a student and teacher. 

Annie Au yoga teacher training testimonial

Céline Rotcajg- France 

The Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training was an invaluable experience bringing knowledge and practice together. I knew my practice is forever changed and have the feeling I am ready to teach. I would more than happy to recommend this training to anyone who may have a sturdy practice, teaching already, or on the path of finding yourself.

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Kelly Derouen, USA

Annie is so professional and talented in what she does. This experience has elevated me as a personal and I am so happy for what is to come next. Annie has a unique passion for yoga and the philosophies surrounding it. I enjoyed the rich education and the physical practice was so helpful in our training. I feel ready to share my teachings in a class or a private. If you are looking to become a teacher or adding yin to your practice, I highly recommend this training.