100hr Qi Gong, Chinese Meridians &

 Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Sayulita, Mexico

May 18-29, 2018

Check-in: May 18 after 2PM

Check-out: May 29 before 12PM


Join us for the 100hr Qi Gong, Chinese Meridians & Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Sayulita, Mexico! This training is an integrated teaching course that infuses the ancient art of Qi Gong and Yin yoga practice. Qi Gong has become increasingly popular in the West. It has tremendous benefits including lowering stress and anxiety, preventing cardiovascular diseases, increasing mental focus, and the list goes on. Qi Gong is one of the primary branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been a healing tool for patients in China for many decades. 

What is Qi?

Qi (or pronounced as "Chee") refers to the life force or vitality of life that flows through the whole universe. Gong (or Kung) means skill cultivated through steady practices. People of all ages and abilities are welcome to practice Qi Gong. Many people choose to do Qi Gong to maintain their health, calm the mind, heal the body, and reconnect with their spirit.   

Yin yoga compliments Qi Gong seamlessly as both have their roots in the Daoism. Yin yoga, on its own, has tremendous benefits in reducing stress, increasing flexibility, sharpening mental focus, and decreasing insomnia. When practicing both Yin yoga and Qi Gong, you'll increase your sensitivty to subtle energies, and heighten your senses within. It is the goal of a yogi to get in touch with his or her subtle energies and eventually reaches the state of Self-Realization. 

This training is led by Dr. Tyler Cole, who has attained his doctorate in Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Cole has a vast amount of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy. 

Our curriculum meets the requirements set by Yoga Alliance including training, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and practicum.



This course is ideal if you have practiced yin yoga before and have some experiences in Qigong, Tai-Chi, Reiki, or any other healing arts. 

pre-training requirement:

Upon registration, we will send you a list of pre-training assignments. This includes practicing to our online videos with guided yin yoga classes, pranayama, and meditation, readings, and writing assignment. 

exam & Certification:

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In order to graduate, you must attend all classes and achieve a satisfactory grade on all quizzes, assignments, and practical exam. By successfully completing our 100hr Qigong Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll receive a 100hr Yoga Alliance certification. This training certificate can be applied towards our 200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Certification and Continue Education Units (CEU) with Yoga Alliance. 


OUr training curriculum:

Annie Au Qigong Yin Yoga Teacher Training May 2018 Mexico
  • Chinese meridian system
  • Qigong basics
  • History of Qigong
  • Daoist philosophy
  • Qigong practice
  • Five element theory
  • Three treasures
  • Yin organs & emotions
  • Healing sounds and colours
  • Acupressure points for yogis
  • Yin yoga practice theory
  • Yin yoga practice
  • Inner teaching wisdom
  • Chanting & intention setting

To see the full training curriculum, request for a brochure below:

Dr.Tyler Cole

Lead trainer, Doctorate in Medical Qigong

tyler.1 (1).jpg

Tyler has 30 years of experience in practicing and teaching Chinese Kung Fu. He holds a doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine specialized in Medical Qi Gong.  

Tyler's journey into the Eastern healing and martial arts began in 1984 with Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Six months later, Tyler began his studies in Tai Chi and Northern Shaolin with Sifu (master) Jerry Alan Johnson at the Ching Lung school. In 1986, Tyler earned his black sash "student level". Continuing his studies with Master Johnson, he turned toward Shing Yi Chaun, and Bagua Zhang in 1990. Gradually Tyler became interested and immersed fully in the study of the Three Treasures: Tai Chi, Shing Yi, and Bagua. 

Throughout Tyler's training, there was an underlying rule that " If you break it, you fix it". Stemming from this rule, Tyler began to learn about traumatology and herbology as part of his training curriculum. He came to realized that the best martial artists were doctors and the best doctors were actually martial artists. With this in mind, Tyler enrolled and began his formal study of Medical Qigong also known as Qi emission therapy in 1998. In 2007, Tyler entered into Taoist Mystic studies and by 2009 became the 81st generation disciple and Daoist priest of Mao Shan (Shang Qing) Daoism. In 2011, Tyler was ordained as the 66th generation disciple and priest of Long Hu Shan (Tian Shi) Daoism. In 2012, Tyler finished his studies with Master Johnson at The Temple of the Celestial Cloud in Monterey California. 

Tyler currently lives in Monterey California with his wife Elise and baby Lily.


annie au

Advanced Yoga Educator E-RYT 500

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Mexico Sayulita

Annie leads various styles of yoga including Yin, Dharma, Ashtanga, and Rocket. She is passionate about yoga anatomy and specifically in how we can practice more intelligently based on the knowledge of our human body.

Annie studies Tibetan Buddhism and is currently a yoga nomad. Learn more about Annie here

Villa Sayulita

Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico
Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Mexico 2018
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita is a beautiful village 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit. VillaSayulita Hotel is steps away from the beach and walking distance to Sayulita Plaza where you can find authentic restaurants and boutique shops. The location is perfect in a way that we're between the quiet sandy beach and the heart of Sayulita town. The hotel has an organic garden, private swimming pool, and a spacious yoga shala. Yoga props like blocks, straps, and blankets are available for you during the training. Click here to find out more about location, food, and accommodation.



Tuition includes manual, accommodation, all vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free meals.

Private Room: $2599 (Early bird) $2899 (Regular)

Double Shared Room: $2199 (Early bird) $2499 (Regular)

Quadruple Shared Room: $1899 (Early bird) $2199 (Regular)

Receive $300 off the regular rate when you sign up before April 30th, 2018!

** The quadruple shared room consists of two double beds. This room is great for cool, chill yogis who don't mind sharing a bed together. We'll pair you up with someone of the same gender or for those coming with friends.

How to apply: 

Go to Apply Now. After submitting your application form, we'll confirm your placement via email. You can then reserve your spot with a deposit of $300 or full payment. We use Stripe to process credit card transactions, and a small fee applies. If you have any question, please email us at hello@annieauyoga.com.

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