Dharma's Sun Salute Blend


I can't take credit for this one. This comes straight from Sri Dharma Mittra and is one of the most delicious smoothies I've ever had. Still remember at the Dharma Yoga Centre in NYC for my 500hr teacher training and there was Dharma holding in one hand an avocado and the other hand the magic bullet blender. One of the biggest lesson I've learned from Dharma is treat your body like a temple. Only offer the freshest and healthiest food to your body and it shall reciprocate with life's vitality. 

I usually wake up make the Sun Salute Blend and also a cup of lemon water. Yes, I usually double fists in the morning. 



2 large bananes or avocados

Handful of sprouted raw almonds

Almond, hemp, coconut or cashew milk

** To keep your smoothie cold and fresh, instead of adding ice which dilutes it, I add in frozen bananas!

Instructions for sprouted raw almonds:

Soak the almonds overnight. Make sure the bowl is big enough and the water is a couple of inches above the almonds. Afterwards spread the almonds on a plate, no need for single layer just as long as there's room for the almonds to breath. If the weather is cold, cover them with paper towel and let it sit on the kitchen counter top for couple days. Rinse twice daily. Once a little tail pops out, peel, rinse and store them in a jar. Keep it refrigerated and eat them while it's fresh!