Dragon Bowl with Tahini Lemon Dressing

One of my all time favourites! Not only it's healthy and comforting, it's also super versatile. You can pretty much put any veggies, grains or root vegetables to make it light or hearty. 


1 Russet Potato

100g of Firm Tofu

Handful of Bean Sprouts

Four heads of Bok Choy


1 Tablespoon of Tahini

Juice of Half a Lemon 

2-3 Teaspoons of  Bragg Liquid Amino 

Small Amount of Hot Water


Cut potato into cube size. Put into a pot and submerge in cold water. Bring the potato to a boil then let simmer until soften. Drain the potato when it's done. For the veggies, add a bit of water into a medium sized pan. When the water starts to simmer, put the tofu in and drizzle with liquid amino. Let the tofu simmers for 3-4 minutes, then add in bok choy and bean sprouts. Add a bit of water and cover the veggie/tofu mix. Let it steam for 5-7 minutes or until al dente. 

Prepare the dressing:

Put tahini, liquid amino and lemon juice in a bowl. Slowly pour the hot water in and mix the dressing until smooth. Taste and add in more amino braggs if needed. 


Instead of potato, try quinoa, sweet potato, millet, brown/black rice or rice noodles! Don't like tofu? I like to substitute with chickpeas! Play around, seriously the world is your oyster.


Why Bragg Liquid Amino?

Bragg Liquid Amino uses non GMO soy beans with no added salt and preservatives. It contains amino acids (protein building blocks) which is great for vegans or vegetarians. A good way sneak in our proteins!  It is a healthy alternative for soy sauce and tamarin. Bonus: It's gluten-free.