Winter Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup

Autumn in Vancouver has arrived unannounced! 

Rain falling and and everyone is geared in their fuzzy fall coat. I personally like the cool weather. Having lived in Southeast Asia the past couple of years, I really did miss the sweaters and hot coco. In the Fall/Winter time, there's nothing more comforting than coming home to a nice bowl of hot soup! My favourite and easy to make Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup is my weekly go-to! Ginger is considered a Yang element in Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps igniting our digestive fire. It is also a good immune booster and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Preparation time: Less than 30 minutes 


4 medium Carrots

1 palm size ginger

1 Tbps of Coconut oil

1 can of coconut milk

4-6 cups of water


Peel and chop the carrots and ginger into cube size. Heat up the pot with coconut oil. Sauté the veggies for 2-3 minutes. Pour in the water and bring to a boil. Once boiled, reduce to simmer for 5-7 minutes or until soften. Remove the pot from the stove. Pour the mix into a blender. Depending on the size of your blender, you may have to do it in several batches. Blend until smooth and return to the pot. Pour in coconut milk and once heated, it is ready to serve!

You may noticed there is no salt added. This is a sattvic recipe (Ayurvedic term for neutral or non-stimulant), however, you may add a dash of sea salt if desired.

This on its own is quite filling. You can also serve with a side of cooked quinoa or sprouted bread!

Hope you enjoy it and stay warm!