30hr Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Training

Hosted by Aria @ariusyoga

June 21-23th, 2019


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Inner Tranquility

Sometimes the situations in our current state of being causes us to loose our inner tranquility and balance. Often causing us to feel unmotivated, stressed out and on edge. As described according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) one of the leading causes of illnesses and ailment are suppressed negative emotions. Through the practice of Yin yoga we begin to heal from the inside. As the tension in the fascia is released we begin to restore our inner tranquility, thereby bringing back positivity, happiness and the feeling of contentment back into our lives.

The focus of this training is to bring back the balance between the multiple pillars of life through the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  TCM has been practiced in China for centuries and has aided unconditionally in the improved state of being of the natives body and mind. As you may know there are twelve regular meridians which aid in physical healing purposes and as well as eight extraordinary meridians which aid in spiritual pursuit. In this training you will learn the inner workings of each meridian and the emotions , color and sound that they are associated with. Furthermore you will learn which Yin yoga poses resonate with each meridian and how you can incorporate them into your daily practice.

In addition through the philosophy of both Buddhist and yoga which you will study and as well as your engagement in daily meditation, journaling and mindful practice it provides the prefect space that you can use for self reflection.   

Finding inner tranquility is vital for everyone and Yin yoga acts as a guiding hand in helping anyone to achieve this. Even if becoming a teacher is not your goal the teachings of this training will help you in your everyday life and help you manifest better relationships with everyone and everything around you. If what you are looking for is a positive change in your life, then this course is key.

In conclusion this teacher training sets you down a path to a life that is free from physical and mental pain, because after all the final goal of yoga is “freedom” (mukti).

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Course Curriculum:

  • Daily practice of yin yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditatio

  • Vinyasa practices (to feel the yin-yang energy comparison)

  • Intro of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • The Fundamentals of Yin Yang Theory, concepts & functions of Qi, the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen)

  • Learn all of the 12 regular meridians  

  • Acupressure workshop: learn how to use pressure points for common issues, injuries, and flexibility

  • Yoga, Daoism & Buddhist philosophy

  • Postural clinic

  • Ethics of yoga teacing

  • Karmic mangement


Aria Crescendo is a singer, song writer, dancer and an yoga teacher. Among the many highlights in her ever eventful career she was a part of the the crazy horse dance troupe that performed in Las Vegas. At the age of seventeen she tried her hand at yoga taking her first class based on some of her friends recommendations and what initially started off as a hobby changed the course of her life.

She now shares her dedication between the yoga community and also the recording studio.

Being the dynamic personality that she is, Aria describes her yoga practice as :

“A mix of fun and discipline because discipline leads to progress and progress is motivating.”


This course truly helps your to actualize your true potential and expand on your current beliefs through the teachings and the wisdom of yoga and buddhist philosophies. In order to make the maximum use of this training you should ideally have a minimum of six months to one year of yoga and related practices (such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation)and also should be open and receptive to new ideas.


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This training is accredited by Yoga Alliance US. Upon successful completion of the training, you'll receive a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certification.

Sample daily schedule

Paris 2019 yin yoga teacher training Annie au aria et gus

8-10: Morning Yin/Yang practice, meditation, Qigong

10:15-12:15: Morning lecture- Anatomy/TCM

12:15-1:45: Lunch

1:45-3:45: Postural clinic, workshops (acupressure, business of yoga, sequencing...etc)

3:45-4: Small break

4-5pm: Afternoon practice

*Subject to change.


Full price: 510€.EURO

Upon acceptance into the training, you must pay the due amount in cash and acceptance is on a first come first serve basis.


Airbnb is the best option if you are traveling and need a place to stay. If you need help finding accommodation, please contact the studio owner Aria at ariusyoga@gmail.com


You may enroll by clicking on the “apply now” button below and by completing the registration form. It is highly recommended that you fill in your submission as detailed out as possible by the time to write what is truly in your heart and by being true to yourself. Based on your thoughtfully written out answers we will by more equipped to serve you better and will be more aware if this course is suitable to serve all your expectations.

Please note that your application will be replied within a 24hr period..