100hr Yin Yoga &

 Chinese Meridians Teacher Training

Sayulita, Mexico

Aug 19-30, 2019


Have you been feeling un-inspired, drained of energy & low in self esteem. additionally have your actions and dreams been out of alignment ? As explained in Chinese medicine Imbalances and changes in alignment in the internal organs are manifested by our emotions such as jealousy, anger , sadness Etc. When these imbalances take place they block the energy flow in the energetic channels ( the meridians ). These blockages not only create emotional instability but also take on physical symptoms such as skin irritations , lack of sleep ( insomnia ) and indigestion to name a few. . 

Through the combination of yin yoga poses and the understanding how the channels run along the body we are able to target different meridians and allow the blocked energy to flow more smoothly. Moreover through specific Yin yoga poses we are able to target the blockages in different areas in our body and our mind.

This Yin yoga & meridians teacher training will familiarize you with the twelve regular meridians , give you an introduction into the eight extraordinary meridians , an understanding of the essential acupressure points and the methodology or significance of the yin practice in the meridian system. Ii also draws on the ancient wisdom of buddhist and yoga philosophies.You will learn how to apply this skillful knowledge into our daily lives and thereby bringing a more harmonious feel to it.

With the on going constant rat race that the world is engaged in more of us are in desperate need of the type of tranquility that yin yoga offers. Additionally for those of you who are already teachers having the ability to bring the elements of Yin yoga training into the lives of your students can substantially help both their and your practices combined. Furthermore due to the rising trend of and rising demand of Yin yoga more and more reputed studio`s have begin to seek those who are certified in this kind of training.

The practice of Yin yoga has something to offer any individual regardless of which walk of life you may be from. Even if becoming an yoga teacher is not your priority the knowledge that this type of training instills in you will bring a positive change into your life and tranquility into your mind. The more vitality we gather as human beings it aids in the relationships that we create with all beings in the world which may be vital if a positive change is what you are looking for in your life as you know it.

Our curriculum meets the requirements set by Yoga Alliance including training, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and practicum.


( includes manual, room, veg meals.)

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Double Shared Room:$1899 early bird, $2199

Quadruple Shared room $1599 early bird, $1899

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  • Note that the quadruple room is for female trainees who don’t mind sharing one king sized bed in the penthouse palapa. A great budget option for cool, chill yogis.

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Please keep in mind that in order to gain the maximum out of this transformational training it aids if you have a receptive and open mind. Additionally a minimum six months to a year of yoga and it`s related practices (such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation) is recommended. What this training offers you the wisdom of eastern philosophies in Buddhism and Yoga which presents you with the opportunity of expand of your current beliefs and bring balance and happiness to your current life.



Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training

By completing the 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll receive a 100hr Yoga Alliance certification and can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU). 



Annie Au Qigong Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Daily Yin yoga classes

  • Qi Gong practices

  • Guided meditation & pranayama

  • Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The Five Elements

  • The Three Treasures

  • 12 Regular Chinese Meridians

  • Associated emotions & healing sounds

  • Up to 25 most important acupressure points for emotional balancing, physical distresses, flexibility, and strength

  • Chinese Meridians Clock

  • Yin Yoga practice theory & application

  • Yoga anatomy on myofascia and skeletal differences

  • Myofascia meridians

  • Sequencing & theming

  • Ethics of yoga teaching

  • Meaningful business of yoga

  • Anapanasati & Vipassana meditation

  • Inner wisdom teaching

  • Chanting & intention

  • Group discussion & journaling

  • Homework & reading assignments

annie au

Advanced Yoga Educator E-RYT 500

100hr Yin Yoga &   Chinese Meridians Teacher Training 2019

Annie leads various styles of yoga including Yin, Dharma, Ashtanga, and Rocket. She is passionate about yoga anatomy and specifically in how we can practice more intelligent based on the knowledge of our human body.

Annie studies Tibetan Buddhism and is currently a yoga nomad. Learn more about Annie here

Villa Sayulita

Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico
Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Mexico 2018
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita is a stunning coastal village 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit. VillaSayulita Hotel is located a mere few steps away from the beach. Its also conveniently positioned within walking distance to Sayulita Plaza where you can find the most authentic Mexican restaurants and unique boutique shops. Its situated in the perfect harmony between quiet sandy beaches and the town of Sayulita. This hotel not only is equipped with its own organic garden but also a private swimming pool and a spacious yoga shala. Yoga props like blocks, straps, and blankets are available for you during the training. Click here to find out more about location, food, and accommodation.

How to apply: 

After submitting your application form, we'll confirm your placement via email. You can then reserve your spot with a deposit of USD 500 or full payment. We use Stripe to process credit card transactions, and a small fee applies. If you have any question, please email us at hello@annieauyoga.com.

Latest Testimonials- November 2017

Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2018

Carly Blackburn (UK)

I really enjoyed the training. I felt it was a very safe, open environment where we were encouraged to be true to ourselves. We were guided but also given space to develop our own unique teaching voice. It really has been a wonderful experience. I have laughed, cried, opened up, and began to see my thoughts in a new light. I feel hopeful about life’s new journeys ahead. Thank you!


Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2018


It was completely a fulfilling experience. It was all I expected to be and much more. Annie is a really inspiring person, she has so much knowledge and is open to delver all that for you to grown and learn. She is creating a beautiful and real yoga community. Thank you Annie Au!