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Share your passion and teach yoga as a career. Whether your dreams be having your own yoga studio, traveling as a yoga teacher, or deepening your personal practice, our Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training will offer you the tools to help you realize your dreams. Experience true transformational results with us in Mexico and around the world. 

Our Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training will quality you to teach yoga worldwide. Under the guidance of our yoga experts, you'll transform to a bright and  inspiring teacher that will in turn light the other's heart and life. 

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May 2018- Mexico


June 2018-France 


Yin Yoga Workshop


August 2018- Vancouver 


August 2018-Mexico


Sept 2018- Bali


March 2019- Abu Dhai

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Abu Dhabi Yin Teacher Training 2019


May 2019- Sri Lanka

300hr Yinyasa Yoga Teacher Training