100hr Yin Yoga &

 Chinese Meridians Teacher Training

Sept 06-17, 2020


A Yin yoga journey towards inner wisdom designed for yoga teachers and passionate practitioners.

A transformative Yin Yoga teacher training where you will receive tools to that will help eliminate self-compromising beliefs that will free both your body and mind cultivating your emotional growth through self-love and self-awareness. It is one of our core beliefs that these two pillars in your personal practice will help you blossom in to a skillful Yin yoga teacher.

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Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This training is accredited by Yoga Alliance US Continuing Education Units.



  • Daily practice of yin yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditation

  • Evening practice of Yoga Nidra: The True Relaxation Technique

  • All-level Yang yoga (Vinyasa flow) practices to counter Yin energy

  • Exercise theory of yin yoga

  • The fundamentals of TCM, Yin Yang theory, the functions and disharmonies of Qi

  • Introduction to the 12 regular meridian pathways, their associated emotions, colours, sounds, and taste

  • The 5 elements- Essential pillar of TCM diagnosis

  • Interactions of the 5 elements and association with common psychosomatic disorders

  • Intro to the 8 extraordinary vessels

  • Skeletal Differences: Tension vs Compression

  • Skeletal Analysis: The 13 main compartments

  • Myofascial meridians & myofascial release techniques

  • Leaning into your physical and emotional edges

  • Postural clinic

  • Yoga philosophy & the Eight Limbs Path

  • Buddhist philosophy: Karma & Emptiness

  • Intro to essential acupressures points and learn how to use them for common issues, injuries, and flexibility

  • The art of touch: fundamentals of applying acupressure

  • Microcosmic Orbit, Vipassana & Anapanasati meditation

  • Learn the art of holding silence when leading a yin class

  • Purposeful sequencing

  • The art of leading yin class: storytelling & guided meditation

  • Advanced sequencing method

    • Infusing yang movements in a yin sequence

    • Mandala method

    • Qigong and pranayama infusion

    • Counter poses for physical and energetic releases

  • Savasana adjustment with Thai acupressure

  • Leading your own Yoga Nidra

  • Practical teaching: Group and one-on-one classes

  • Personal teaching feedback

  • Group presentation & workshop design

  • Ethics of yoga teaching


Super early bird: $1999AUD – Now until Feb 01

Early bird: $2399 – Feb 02-July 01

Regular: $2599 – July 02 onwards

  • $500AUD deposit non-refundable.

  • Remaining due 45 days prior to arrival

  • All payment is handled by Gypsy Yoga Retreats



Annie Au yin yoga teacher training 2019-2020

A firm believer in self-empowerment through Yoga and meditation, Annie leads various styles of yoga including Yin, Dharma, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Rocket. She is passionate about yoga anatomy and specifically in how we can practice more intelligently based on the knowledge of our human body.

Annie studies Tibetan Buddhism and is currently living in Sri Lanka. Learn more about Annie here




Annie au Aaron Wickramasekara Chinese meridians yoga teacher training 2020

Aaron will lead all level Vinyasa flow / Yang classes in the training. Yang classes such as these are very beneficial in Yin trainings in order to maintain a healthy balance throughout.

Aaron is an expert in anatomy / bodybuilding and arm balance. He is passionate about taking your practice both on and off the mat to the next level through his teachings. To learn more about Aaron click here.


Latest Testimonials- November 2019

Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2019

Laura Kathryn - USA

I absolutely adored this yin yoga teacher training! It was the right amount of challenge combined with unconditional support and comfort from day 1. Every class stood out in its own way and each of the elements we learned tied together giving us a wide range of variety to bring to our yin yoga classes. My favourite part was learning about the tradition Chinese medicine because it helped me learn a new perspective on the human body. I would highly recommend this training as you learn a lot not only about yin yoga but also about yourself. You’re in a safe, loving environment the entire time and this training is something I will hold close in my heart as well as pass along to others. 💕

Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2018

Nathalie Gou - France

I just graduated from Annie’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training with ExhaleYogaRetreat in February! It was my first ever teacher training and it was an amazing experience! Annie brought in to each class all of her knowledge and added many personal stories which added lots of depth to her teaching. I really enjoyed learning about Qi and karma and chanting mantras at sunset! I am so excited to go back home and share everything I have learned. Annie was more than a teacher to me, she was a beautiful inspiration. I am so grateful to have been part of this transformational journey. I would definitely recommend this yin YTT.