Aaron Wik



Aaron is a personal trainer, body transformation coach turned yoga teacher. As a teenager, Aaron faced a lot of problems with keeping his weight under control which led him to make a drastic change in his life. He spent countless hours researching and spent over nine years perfecting his knowledge in the fitness field while mastering every training method and diet possible.

Although, he first tried Yoga for its physical benefits, Aaron soon discovered the mental peace and focus that Yoga offers. He loves Yoga philosophy which he applies to his everyday life. Aaron’s teaching bridges the gap of body conditioning and yoga practice thus creating an ultimate balance between strength and flexibility.

As a teacher, Aaron`s goal is to help you understand the values and the potential growth you can experience by building a daily yoga practice both on off the mat. Visit Aaron’s website.


Latest testimonials - 2019

aaron WIckramasekera yoga teacher testimonials 2019 annie au yoga

Chiara – Italy

Aaron is an amazing teacher and he took me safely through a lot of arm balances. I strongly recommend that you try some of his classes.

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Kirstin – Germany

Aaron is a really strong teacher and he is determined to get you to the next level. I definitely recommend his teachings!