4 Signs You're Burning Cash On a Yoga Teacher Training

4 Signs You're Burning Cash On a Yoga Teacher Training

Long gone are the days when you need to walk months across India to find the spiritual teaching you've heard through the grapevines. Iconic yoga masters like Krishnamacharya, Yogananda and Swami Vivekananda alike, all went through tenacious training before their guru granted them the permission to start teaching yoga.

Nowadays? We have the luxurious 'Googlenanda' that points us to hundreds of yoga teacher trainings around the world. We can gather our information, compare teachers and training prices before putting our credit card down. The result? We easily forget how sacred these teachings are and more often than not, throw money out the window by doing the following while on a yoga teacher training: 

1. Not caring the style of yoga

While some people might like doing yoga in 98° degrees, it's certainly not for everyone. Picking the right style of yoga for you is not only essentially, it's a make or break for your spiritual progression down the road. Many people quit half way of their training because they realise the style of yoga isn’t for them or their bodies aren’t ready for it. If you have no idea which type of yoga you like, start by taking classes at your local studio. Sample them all and see what you’re drawn to the most.

2. Not researching your yoga school

A reputable school should have a decent website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the very least a phone number. Does your yoga training provide airport transfers? Is it Yoga Alliance accredited? How many hours will you be training per day? What are the prerequisites to join? Ask every intelligent question possible and get to know the vibe of the school before charging your credit card.

3. Skipping yoga before the training

Skipping your weekly yoga classes isn't the best idea before a yoga teacher training. Your hamstrings will hate you for days during and after the training, that is if they don’t tear in the millionth forward folds you’ll be doing. Getting yourself physically fit will not only save your butts from weeks of aching pain, it'll transform your experience during the course. So go to yoga diligently leading up to the course or engage in various physical activities. Remember a yoga teacher training is not a retreat. You’re expected to practice/study around the clock and the only down time you have will be sleeping. Even then, you might be dreaming in Sanskrit.

4. Lose sight of the big picture

While the beginning of the training is new and exciting, it’s easy to lose sight midway through. You soon find yourself overspending time at the beach or socialising late into the night with your peers. Setting an intention before coming would help you avoid this situation. Keep a journal handy and write down why you want to do this and continue to track your progress throughout the training.