Top 3 Yogic Techniques To Get You Through the Rest of the Holiday

Top 3 Yogic Techniques To Get You Through the Rest of the Holiday

Have you been binging on fatty foods, alcohol, and late-night Netflix this holiday season?

Your lonely yoga mat is dying for attention, but you just can't seem to give it some love.  Don't worry, I'm not here to make you feel guilty. Instead, I'd like to offer you a few tips on how to enjoy the rest of your holiday and get you back on track.

Tip 1: Keep Your Bowels Moving with Jala Dhauti

All the greasy foods and calorie-laden drinks can clog up our intestines causing sluggishness and mental fogginess. Jala Dhauti is a traditional Ayurvedic technique to promote healthy bowel movement. Jala Dhauti consists of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice upon first waking up. To prepare your Dhauti, add the juice of 1 fresh lemon to a cup of warm water, and optional to add a small amount of sweeteners like agave nectar or maple syrup for taste. Drink the Dhauti slowly in one sitting on an empty stomach. Jala Dhauti ignites the digestive fire, allowing the bowels to move smoothly.


Tip 2: Yoga Poses for the Liver & Stomach Meridians

If you have consumed a lot of food and drinks over the holidays, your Stomach and Liver maybe overloaded. Luckily, there are some gentle yoga poses you can do to harmonize the Liver and Stomach Meridians. For the Stomach meridian, practice the Cobra, Bridge, Bow Pose, Wheel, and Camel. For the Liver meridian, practice Janu Sirsasana B, Baddha Konasa, and Upavistha Konasana. Hold each pose for five to ten breaths.


Tip 3: Practice Aparigraha (Non-Hoarding)

In the 8 Limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga), the fifth Yama is Aparigraha (non-hoarding). Basically, it means don’t take more than what you need! Practice taking what you need and not more helps us enjoy the things we love without going overboard. Non-hoarding applies to party appetizers, wine, sleep, discounted shoes or clothes, so on and so forth. You can also donate excess clothing and non-perishable food to your local charities.


I hope these tips will help you stay healthy for the rest of the holiday. Moderation is key to enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Also, remember to spend quality time with your loved ones- nevertheless true satisfaction comes from gifting unconditional love.