10 Yoga Poses To Reignite Your Sex Life

Annie Au Yoga Poses for better sex

10 Yoga Poses To Reignite Your Sex Life

Aging makes our body go through significant changes and some of these have a major influence on our sexuality. Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal pain are mostly due to reduced hormone levels and changes in neurological and circulatory functioning. However, due to a bad lifestyle and diet, even youngsters experience a lowered libido, body pains, and lethargy.

How To Improve Sex Life

Yoga has been known to induce greater relaxation, increased circulation, and emotional healing. Studies have shown that yoga can ease anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, improve joint mobility, and relieve pain along with many other psychological and physical improvements. And according to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular yoga practice improves several aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction.1

It is no magic that yoga helps improve sex life. From increased stamina and flexibility to better mood and heightened body sensitivity, yoga employs techniques that improve your overall health and enable you to connect with your partner on a whole new level. If you’re skeptical, here are the top 10 yoga poses for better sexual function. Give them a try and see how they bring more passion into the bedroom.