Feeling trapped? Here's how you can find happiness with THESE 3 steps.

Feeling trapped? Here's how you can find happiness with THESE 3 steps.

Some time in life, we all have this sensation where we feel utterly trapped. We feel bound by our work, partner, family, house, and more. All these things that now bind us to suffering were at one point the very thing that gave us joy and fulfillment. So what went wrong? Our perspective.

“The world comes from us.”

According to Buddhism, the world is a projection that comes from us, and this projection is dictated by our karma. Karma is the universal law of moral causation in which our thought, speech, and action influence our present and future lives. All the good deeds that we do will come back to us in some good way. Indiscriminately, all the bad deeds we do will contribute to our future suffering.

Okay, so how does this help us get out of our trap? First, you must realize that this trap is nothing but your own creation. We can go on keep changing the external things like a new job, a new partner, and a new house. But inevitably, once the novelty of these new things fizzled out, we feel emptied and depressed again. So if it’s not external, it must be something internal that is driving our happiness. Our perspective is our inner resource to getting out of the trap. By cultivating a positive outlook, we are creating positivity in a world that we want to experience in the future. Here are three simple steps to stay positive:

1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Next time you’re crossed with someone, before you let yourself dwell into anger, think of 3 good things about this person. By focusing on the good qualities, you stop identifying your frustration with that person. From a centered space, you can find solutions or able to communicate consciously.

2. Keep a gratitude journal.

Sometimes we only focus on what we don’t have and neglect all of the beautiful things that we already have. Gratitude can significantly increase our happiness, and protect us from stress, negativity, anxiety, and depression. Try writing down five things that you feel grateful for every day and see how your attitude changes.

3. Be mindful.

It is inevitable that negative thoughts arise in our mind. There is no need to beat ourselves over it. However, it is important to develop the awareness and notice how often we think negatively. Like a muscle, we can train our mind to choose thinking positively, and over time it’ll become a habit.

We can change our world by changing our perspective. It is empowering to know that we already have the inner resource to create the life that we want. Simply be present, grateful, and mindful.