Fear-Free Diet: Are You Consuming Fear?

Fear-free diet means to ingest food that has never been killed, harmed or otherwise been instilled fear upon. It is not a fad or a trick to a skinner, & less healthier you. This is a lifestyle, to promise yourself that to truly achieve peace and union, you must stop all sufferings on & off the plates.

So what do I mean by instilling fear?
Although I've never personally witness an animal being slaughtered but I can only imagine how scary it is. Both for the slaughter and the slaughtered.  Regardless if it's in an industrial farm, safari or your backyard, instinctively animals can sense danger from miles away. Albeit biological differences, the flight or fight response is pretty much the same across all species. Immediately after an animal get killed, two chemical reactions occur:

1. Autolysis: the breakdown of tissue by the specie's own internal chemicals& enzymes;
2. Putrefaction: the breakdown of tissue by internal bacteria. Putrefaction occurs under anaerobic metabolism within the abdomen cavity, leading to accumulation of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and methane.

Now to get into the details of the two processes, I'm afraid this will turn into a high school biology class. That's not the point here. To me, it's clear that by ingesting the flesh of dead species, I'm also consuming many other chemicals. Now for easier conceptualization, I call these chemicals 'fear'.

If eggs and milk are by product of animals, there shouldn't be any 'fear' in them, right?
Alright, you got me. Nope, no chemical fear should sips into a shiny white egg or silk smooth animal's milk. Yet ever wonder what it's like for the hens to lay eggs in crowed cages or worst battery cages? Or how cows injected with countless antibiotics, inevitably became ill in hazardous warehouses are being milked everyday until exhaustion? My educated guess would conclude to a rather hostile environment even for mere existence.  Now before this becomes another ad by PETA, my point is beyond animal cruelty.

'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.'- Albert Einstein

The suppressed fear within the animals must be released one way or another. Now I'm not a scientist, just a firm believer in energy. The fearful energy within the animal in logic will transfer to their byproducts: eggs or milk. That my friend, will classified eggs and milk as fear instilled substances.




Is Fear-Free Diet same as vegan?

You know, label ourselves as 'vegans' is only a label nonetheless. Without a consciousness behind our actions, being a non-meat eater is just as well as being a meat eater. There is no better or worst way of living, just a conscious or unconscious way. Rather than restricting myself to certain foods because I'm a 'vegan', I tend to look at each food as fearful or non-fearful.

To truly cultivate inner peace, I firmly believe it starts with our food. We are what we eat. By connecting our food source deep from its core, we develop a consciousness that calls for compassion and awareness.

Embark on a fear-free diet now and see how it brings serenity into your daily life.

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This article is written by Annie Au. RYT 500, traveler, yoga teacher, vegan & Blogger.