Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians 100HR Teacher Training

Abu Dhabi

Hosted by Inner Seed

Part 1 - 50HRS

March 06th - 11th, 2020

part 2 - 50hrs

March 16th - 21st 2020

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Explore the fundamentals of Yin Yoga based on the holistic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM has been practiced for thousands of years. It is an inclusive web of healing modalities that addresses our entire being including the body, mind, and spirit. In this medicinal practice, it is believed that our emotions are intrinsically connected with our health and vitality.

The Chinese meridian pathways are vessels in which our energy or Chi travels. There are twelve regular meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. While the regular meridians are mainly used for healing purposes, the extraordinary meridians are for spiritual pursuit.

Yin yoga and traditional Chinese medicine compliment each other seamlessly. Yin poses act as acupressure treatments and can help release or reinvigorate our energetic flow. An inviting practice, Yin yoga is  accessible for all ages, physical levels, and conditions.



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This curriculum meets the requirements set by Yoga Alliance US. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Yoga Alliance certificate for Continued Education.

Training Details:

Part 1 - 50hrs Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Training

Dates: March 6th - 11th, 2020

Location: Inner seed - The Studio, Abu Dhabi

Time : 8AM - 5PM

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Highlighted topics:

  • Daily Yin yoga classes

  • Qi Gong practices

  • Guided meditation & pranayama

  • Yin Yang Yoga led classes

  • Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The Five Elements

  • The Three Treasures

  • In-depth study of the 12 Regular Chinese Meridians (Zang Fu) and their associated emotions & imbalances

  • Essential acupressure points for emotional balancing, relieving physical distresses, and increasing flexibility/strength

  • Chinese Meridians Clock

  • Yin Yoga practice theory & application

  • Yoga anatomy on myofascia and skeletal differences

  • Sequencing & theming

  • Anapanasati & Vipassana meditation

  • Microcosmic Orbit meditation

  • The Importance of Sankalpa (Intention setting)

  • Group discussion & journaling

  • Homework & reading assignments


This course is ideal for anyone who expresses deep interest in cultivating equanimity in the body, mind, and spirit. We welcome all levels of practitioners and yoga teachers.

Part 2 - 50hrs Yin Yoga Meridians Teacher Training

Annie au Yin yoga Chinese meridians yoga teacher training 2020

Dates: March 16th - 21th 2020

Location: Inner seed - Abu Dhabi

Time : 8AM - 5PM

Highlighted topics:

  • Chinese meridians theory review

  • Western anatomical mapping of Chinese meridians

  • Myofascia meridians& Myofascia release techniques

  • The art of leading yin class: storytelling & guided meditation

  • Advanced sequencing method

    • Infusing yang movements in a yin sequence

    • Mandala method

    • Qigong and pranayama infusion

    • Counter poses for physical and energetic releases

  • Savasana adjustment: Thai acupressure short sequence

  • Leading Yoga Nidra for full relaxation

  • Practical teaching: Group and one-on-one classes

PRE-REQUISITEs for part ii:

This course is for those who have attended the Part I teacher training with Annie Au at Inner Seed March 2019. Also, students who have attended a previous Yin yoga teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance. All students should be familiar with the classical yin yoga postures before attending. If you are unsure, please contact us at hello@annieauyoga.com.


PART I 50hr Yin Yoga & Meridians

Date: March 6-11, 2020

Early Bird Rate AED 4300 until November 30

Regular rate: AED 5600

PART II 50hr Yin Yoga & Meridians 

Date: March 16-2, 2020

Early Bird Rate AED 4300 until November 30

Regular rate: AED 5600

Full 100hr training including PART 1 & 2:

Early Bird Rate AED 7,500 until November 30

Regular rate: AED 8,500

Students that enroll for a 100hr training get a 20% discount on the 2 days Thai Acupressure Massage & Yoga Nidra Workshop by Annie Au on March 13-14, 2020



Mouza Al Suwaidi – United Arabs Emirates

I love the variety of topics thought in this Yin Yoga training and the hands on approach every time we learned a new practice or skill.

Viviana Azpurua  - Venezuela

 The training was amazing and went so far beyond my expectations. Annie has a deep knowledge and her teaching skills are out of this world. It was an amazing experience and I cant wait for the next one.

Pem Fassa – Switzerland- RYT-500

With Annie you are not just scratching the surface on intricate topics like TCM & Yin Yoga. You dive into the deep end. Everyday of the training gave me more knowledge & more understanding of Yin Yoga & TCM. Annie personifies the meaning of being & living like a Yogi.