100hr Yin Yoga &

 Chinese Meridians Teacher Training

Sayulita, Mexico

Aug 19-30, 2019


Have you been feeling uninspired, drained of energy & low in self-esteem?

Additionally, have your actions and dreams been out of alignment for a while now?

As explained in Chinese medicine, imbalances and changes in the internal organs are manifested by our emotions such as jealousy, anger, sadness…etc. When these imbalances take place, they block the energy flow in the energetic channels ( also known as meridians ). These blockages not only create emotional instability but also in time take on physical symptoms such as skin irritations, insomnia and indigestion to name a few. . 

Through the combination of Yin yoga poses and the understanding on how energy flows in our body, we are able to target different meridians and allow the stagnated energy to flow smoothly again.

With the world moving at such rapid pace, more and more people are in desperate need of the tranquility that Yin yoga offers.

Reputed studios are now seeking high quality Yin yoga teachers to meet the rising demand of weekly Yin yoga classes.

The practice of Yin yoga is suitable for all walks of life. Whether you want to become an instructor or simply for self-learning, the knowledge that you will gain from this training will bring a positive change into your life.

Our curriculum meets the requirements set by Yoga Alliance including training, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and practicum.


  • Daily Yin yoga classes

  • Daily Vinyasa classes with Aaron

  • Qi Gong practices

  • Guided meditation & pranayama

  • Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The Five Elements

  • The Three Treasures

  • 12 Regular Chinese Meridians

  • Associated emotions & healing sounds

  • Up to 25 most important acupressure points for emotional balancing, physical distresses, flexibility, and strength

  • Chinese Meridians Clock

  • Yin Yoga practice theory & application

  • Yoga anatomy on myofascia and skeletal differences

  • Myofascia meridians

  • Sequencing & theming

  • Ethics of yoga teaching

  • Meaningful business of yoga

  • Anapanasati & Vipassana meditation

  • Inner wisdom teaching

  • Chanting & intention

  • Group discussion & journaling

  • Homework & reading assignments

Annie Au Qigong Yin Yoga Teacher Training



Please keep in mind that in order to gain the maximum benefits out of this transformational training, we encourage you to come with an open mind and receptivity.

Additionally a minimum six months to a year of yoga and related energy practices (such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation) are recommended.

This training provides you the opportunity to expand your limited beliefs and to welcome equanimity in your life through the wisdom of Buddhist and Yoga philosophy.



Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Upon successful completion of this Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll receive a 100hr Yoga Alliance certification and can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU). 

Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Mexico 2019


( includes manual, room, veg meals.)

Private Room: $2599

Double Shared Room: $2199

Quadruple Shared room $1899 (fully booked)

* USD currency

  • Note that the quadruple room is for female trainees who don’t mind sharing one king sized bed in the penthouse palapa. A great budget option for cool, chill yogis.

*For non-residential rate, please email me at hello@annieauyoga.com.

  • Tuition does not include bank fees or processing fee (2.9% + 0.3¢.)

Annie Au

Advanced Yoga Educator E-RYT 500

100hr Yin Yoga &   Chinese Meridians Teacher Training 2019

A firm believer in self-empowerment through Yoga and meditation, Annie leads various styles of yoga including Yin, Dharma, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Rocket. She is passionate about yoga anatomy and specifically in how we can practice more intelligently based on the knowledge of our human body.

Annie studies Tibetan Buddhism and is currently living in Sri Lanka. Learn more about Annie here


Aaron Wickramasekera

500HR Certified Yoga Teacher, assistant trainer

Annie au Aaron Wickramasekara Chinese meridians yoga teacher training 2020

Aaron will lead all level Vinyasa flow / Yang classes in the training. Yang classes such as these are very beneficial in Yin trainings in order to maintain a healthy balance throughout.

Aaron is an expert in anatomy / bodybuilding and arm balance. He is passionate about taking your practice both on and off the mat to the next level through his teachings. To learn more about Aaron click here.

Villa Sayulita

Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico
Annie Au Yin Yoga Teacher Training Mexico 2018
Annie Au Yoga Teacher Training Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita is a stunning coastal village 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit. VillaSayulita Hotel is located a mere few steps away from the beach. Its also conveniently positioned within walking distance to Sayulita Plaza where you can find the most authentic Mexican restaurants and unique boutique shops. Its situated in the perfect harmony between quiet sandy beaches and the town of Sayulita. This hotel not only is equipped with its own organic garden but also a private swimming pool and a spacious yoga shala. Yoga props like blocks, straps, and blankets are available for you during the training.

How to apply: 

After submitting your application form, we'll confirm your placement via email. You can then reserve your spot with a deposit of USD 500 or full payment. We use Stripe to process credit card transactions, and a small fee applies. If you have any question, please email us at hello@annieauyoga.com.

  • Stripe charges a 2.9% + 0.3¢ processing fee upon check out.

Latest Testimonials- November 2019

Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2019

Laura Kathryn - USA

I absolutely adored this yin yoga teacher training! It was the right amount of challenge combined with unconditional support and comfort from day 1. Every class stood out in its own way and each of the elements we learned tied together giving us a wide range of variety to bring to our yin yoga classes. My favourite part was learning about the tradition Chinese medicine because it helped me learn a new perspective on the human body. I would highly recommend this training as you learn a lot not only about yin yoga but also about yourself. You’re in a safe, loving environment the entire time and this training is something I will hold close in my heart as well as pass along to others. 💕

Annie Au yin yoga teacher training Mexico 2018

Nathalie Gou - France

I just graduated from Annie’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training with ExhaleYogaRetreat in February! It was my first ever teacher training and it was an amazing experience! Annie brought in to each class all of her knowledge and added many personal stories which added lots of depth to her teaching. I really enjoyed learning about Qi and karma and chanting mantras at sunset! I am so excited to go back home and share everything I have learned. Annie was more than a teacher to me, she was a beautiful inspiration. I am so grateful to have been part of this transformational journey. I would definitely recommend this yin YTT.